Friday, November 6, 2009

One interesting note...

Our data on corruption attitudes seems to suggest:

1. New Jersey residents think politics in the state is corrupt. No surprise there.

2. Many also think business is corrupt - 40% see "a lot" of corruption in NJ business.

3. Despite what appears to be a high level of cynicism about corruption, people here actually believe things can get done without corruption. 80% told us that they DISAGREE with the statement that "in government, corrupt means are needed to achieve important goals." Only 15% agreed. So there is some sense that things could get done with honest politicians.

4. But, if they HAD to choose between an ineffectual honest politician, and an effective corrupt politician, New Jerseyans say they would choose the HONEST one, even if things didn't get done.

The challenge for voters of course is it isn't always possible to figure out who the (potentially) corrupt politicians are when they are running for office!

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