Sunday, December 6, 2009

Health Care Reform and NJ

We released some data on attitudes towards health care reform from our Nov 6-10 post election poll the other day. The most interesting thing to me is that most NJ residents support some kind of change - even those who think the system "works well". And there is widespread support for a public option, when it is terms "like Medicare". There is also a lot of support for a public option called "government run" but support goes up by about 9 points if the word "Medicare" is included.

Not all that surprising, but simply another data point suggesting the Democrats might have been much better off it they had started this who reform effort by calling what they were doing "Medicare for all". Obviously others have pointed this out too. But in NJ we find that Medicare recipients are more satisfied with their coverage than those who have private insurance, and are more supportive (although just a bit more) of a public option of some type.

Click on the title to this post to get the full press release on health care.

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