Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Poll Results Coming

Earlier this year we decided that we could run two polls during the academic semester, one in late February after our new Governor, Chris Christie had been in office a short time, and another in late March/Early April following his March 16 budget speech. The first poll resulted in releases on the 2010 Congressional Elections, two releases on the Tea Party in New Jersey (1, 2), and some interesting data on initial support for Christie (positive) and his unwillingness to reinstate the income tax surcharge on high earners (which most New Jersey residents want). We also took a look at health care reform before the bill passed Congress.

We're now ready to begin releasing results from our second poll, the one after Christie's budget speech. This one focuses on reactions to the budget (mixed), and where the budget cuts should come. We also asked some questions about municipal consolidation as one way to cut costs of government in New Jersey.

We expect to begin these releases tomorrow, with the budget front and center followed by views on budget cuts. Next week we'll have something on consolidation and also a little bit on how New Jersey residents view their state.

We think there is some interesting stuff in all of this, so stay tuned!

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