Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordle on Responses to Christie's Budget

Just for fun, we ran the open ended responses to Gov. Christie's budget from the respondents in our latest poll through Wordle, which creates nifty pictures from text data. After asking if they were pleased or displeased with the budget, we then asked people to tell us "in their own words" why. The responses "look" very different between those who like the budget and those who don't.

First, those who are pleased with the budget:

Now those who are displeased:

Those pleased with the budget focus on how Christie is TRYING to deal with BUDGET and SPENDING CUTS. Those who are displeased on the other hand use words like EDUCATION, WORKERS, TEACHERS, while also referring to budget CUTS. Given the emphasis on budget cutting and closing the deficit, not surprising that both sides use those words, but I find it fascinating how many of the "pleased" respondents used the word TRYING, as in "Christie is trying to cut..."

I should also note those pleased with the budget use far fewer different words to describe why, compared to those who are displeased!

Just a little fun; more details on the poll itself are in the full press release.

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